‘Supergirl’ Will Be Ending With Season 6!

It has been confirmed that Supergirl will come to an end after season 6.

Here’s what has been reported from Deadline:

Between the delays and Supergirl’s downward ratings trajectory, I hear the producers, the studio, the network and Benoist came to a decision that it was better to end the show with a longer final season.

The creative team has started developing the storylines for the final 20 episodes. The order is expected to be longer than most broadcast series this coming season, including the CW scripted shows, which will be launching in January and beyond.

Supergirl ending was not surprising. From the ratings, the quality of the show going down as the series progressed, rough storylines, and more, there’s no going up for the show. Supergirl had a great two seasons, and I wished the quality stayed consistent. We’re definitely going to see Supergirl make an appearance in Superman & Lois or maybe be apart of Legends of Tomorrow.


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