More Phantasm Stories Will Be Coming After Batman/Catwoman Series!

Andrea Beaumont (aka Phantasm) from the cult classic, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, will finally make her DC Comics debut in Tom King’s Batman/Catwoman 12 issue series. Phantasm will be an important character in the upcoming series, and she will appear in issue #1. What’s also great about this news is that King confirmed that there will be more Phantasm stories in the future!

From Newsarama, here’s what Tom King said:

After this one, there will be a lot of Phantasm stories coming, so we want to set the bar high. In summary, I’m feeling a lot of pressure.

She’s central to the story. Issue #1 will be her first appearance in the DCU, and we want to honor how good that movie is, and what a cool and frightening character she is.

Mask of Phantasm is my favorite DC movie of all time, and I love the character of Phantasm. I always wondered why DC Comics has not done much with her, but I’m happy that they’re finally pulling the trigger. I hope future Phantasm stories are good because she’s beloved by many fans of the film. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Phantasm. 

The first issue for Batman/Catwoman will release on December 1st.


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