‘Batman: Three Jokers’ Issue Two Review!

Just like issue 1, Batman: Three Jokers was fantastic!

The story picks up after Jason Todd has killed a Joker and started hunting for the other Jokers. Barbara went to tell Bruce what Jason has done, but Batman was not phased by Jason killing Joker. Jason finds the location of the Jokers’ and sees failed creations of Jokers, but this made Jason distracted and captured. Batman and Batgirl go to Jason’s last location, and found Jason hurt and somewhat losing his mind. The comic ends with Joker capturing Joe Chill and making him announce why he killed Martha and Thomas Wayne.

I really enjoyed this issue. When Jason got captured by the Jokers and telling him why he chose the name Red Hood blows my mind. Reading this made me realized that Jason “dying’ by the hands of the Joker was all planned from the start, which left me with my mouth wide open. Another crazy moment was seeing Joe Chill because it seemed like Batman was going to get a serious moment with him until he found out Chill was in the hospital battling cancer. Also, when Joker captured Chill to make him confess to why Thomas and Martha were killed made my eyes widen! The fact that we’re going to find out that Joker was the reason for the Waynes’ death is one of the big shocking moments for me in comics.

The only problem I had with this comic was Barbara and Jason kissing. I enjoyed the moment they had with each other because they’ve dealt with the horrors of the Joker, but that kiss ruined it for me because it felt like a sweet family moment. Barbara Gordon is a great character, and I want DC to stop making her hook up with her with every man in the Bat-family because we’ve seen this on tv, comics, and gaming. I find it disgusting that this happens with her character over and over again.

Overall, this was a great issue. The suspense is killing me about finding out the truths that’ll be revealed next issue. The only downside for me was the Barbra and Jason moment. I highly recommend picking this issue up.

9 out of 10


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