New Clip For ‘Batman: Death in the Family’!

We got a new clip for the upcoming Warner Bros. animated film Batman: Death in the Family! The clip is the opening sequence for the film, and it looks great!

Checkout the clip here:

Batman: Death in the Family is an interactive film that lets you choose the fate of Jason Todd. This is a fun idea, and it’s cool that we can see what happens to Jason if you save him on time or let him get killed by Joker. The funny thing is that this happened years ago when fans had to vote for Jason to live or die in the comics over the telephone, and 10,614 calls were made to DC, which led to the death of Jason. I hope this film is successful because as a fan of interactive video games, I would love for more movies to have this style. 

Both Blu-ray and digital will come out on October 13. The interactive components for the film are only for the physical copy, and the digital will have four linear played out shorts of the different outcomes.


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