‘Batman: Death in the Family’ Spoiler-Free Review!

Batman: Death in the Family, written and directed by Brandon Vietti, is a new DC animated film where you decide Jason’s Todd’s fate.

The film honestly caught me by surprise. My initial thoughts when I saw the trailer was that this was just Batman: Under the Red Hood, but it was so much more. With the multiple story directions you can take the film, it makes the experience really enjoyable.

The film has seven endings and I made sure I got them all. Every time the film gave me a choice to decide I got excited because I was so curious with how the story will go for Jason. Will my Jason become the Red Hood or will I save him to change his fate? It was a fun experience.

I love that Warner Bros are trying new ways to watch a movie. As a person who loves interactive games like Life is Strange, Detroit: Become Human, The Walking Dead, etc I was not disappointed. The only thing I would change is that I would like to make decisions on a spot while the scenes is going on. I hope WB does more of these types of films because I had a lot of fun.

Batman: Death in the Family will be available both digital and Blu-Ray on October 13.

8 out of 10


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