‘The Boys’ Season 2 Review!

The Boys season 2 has come to an end, and it was the most badass series I’ve seen in 2020!

The production in this series was great. The Boys S2 was action-packed, which was awesome, and it was never dull. Gore in this season has gone even wilder than before. If you thought the gore in season one was intense, then the gore in the season took it from a 10 to a level 15, which I had no problem with at all. The special effects were incredibly well such as the use of powers shown, how things explode, fights, etc. 

The character developments in this season were fantastic. Seeing how twisted and dark Homelander has gotten was frightening. There were many moments in the show where it looked like at any moment Homelander was about to snap and kill everyone. Butcher has gotten colder, but he’s doing whatever he can to save his wife. Getting to know more of Kimiko’s backstory with what she went through as a kid with her brother was sad. Huey has gotten a lot more daring when it came to taking down Vought and The Seven this season.

The list of character developments I could talk about would honestly go on and on. I felt that every character in this series was great and essential to the story. Everyone played a role, and it felt like no one was left behind. Big kudos to the writers and directors because every character was great.

One character I wanted to talk about is Stormfront. Stormfront is one of the new characters that joined the series, and she’s a psycho. She’s a Neo-Nazi who joins Vought to get closer to Homelander. To the public, she’s an incredible hero with words of inspiration, which made it look like she was for the people until you find out she’s a racist killer who shows no mercy. Weirdly enough, I enjoyed the hell out of this character because of how evil she was, but I also wanted to see her get what she deserves. Based on what happened to her in the season finale, I hope we see her again next season.

If there was one nitpick I had with the series was the introduction of the Church of the Collective. Not saying that the sub-plot was bad, but it felt like it was slowing the season down and didn’t felt like it belonged. Also, the storyline was put into the series to have The Deep and A-Train do something since they’re not apart of The Seven. Other than that, there’s nothing I dislike about the series.

Overall, The Boys S2 is not only the best comic book series on television, but it’s currently the best television series I’ve seen. Season two is so much fun, crazy, dark, it’s the whole package that you would want in a show. Season one set the bar high, and I was not expecting the show to catch lightning in the bottle twice. I’m ready for the third season of The Boys, and I cannot wait to see what crazy things they’ll come up with next. 

10 out of 10


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