Jane Foster Returns in ‘King in Black: Return Of The Valkyries’

Jane Foster is back, and this time she’s bringing friends to stop the horrors coming to earth. Marvel has announced that we’re getting an event tie-in four-issue mini-series called King in Black: Return Of The Valkyries. The series will be written by Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk, with art by Nina Vakueva.

Here’s a summary for issue one:

Once there was an entire army of Valkyries, but now Jane Foster is the only one. When the King in Black comes to Midgard, Jane must rebuild the Valkyries to help stop him — starting with Hildegarde, a warrior from Asgard’s own hallowed halls, and X-Man Dani Moonstar, a former Valkyrie herself. But what Jane doesn’t know…is that she never was the only Valkyrie after all. Who is the fourth warrior? Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk team up with artist Nina Vakueva for a story that will rock the foundations of the Marvel Universe!

Here’s a summary for issue two:

Knull and his symbiote horrors have come to Earth, and now all Jane Foster sees when she looks at that big blue globe…is a vision of death. Most of Earth’s heroes are locked in battle on the ground, and it’s up to Jane and the Sentry to protect the rest! But Knull’s power has spread over the galaxy and infected creatures even older than the gods…and it may not matter how many Valkyries Jane can bring to their aid.

I’m excited about this series. I loved Valkyrie: Jane Foster, and it’s in my top 3 favorite comic series in 2020. Also, the fact Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk are returning to write Jane Foster is one of the best news I’ve heard this month.

King in Black: Return Of The Valkyries will release in January 2021!


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