Live-Action Miles Morlaes Audition Tape Surfaces Online!

It seems like Miles Morales will be making his live-action debut a lot sooner than later. Recently an audition tape has surfaced online labeled Titans, and the actor was auditioning to play a character named Daniel. When it comes to auditioning for big films, studios would change the name of the film and characters to be discrete. 

Here’s the description:

The two-part video begins with a young African-American man out delivering food for what appeared to be his parents’ restaurant. The young man is stopped by the NYPD because he is wearing some sort of Spider-Man gear. When questioned by police, he states he’s a fan of Spidey but it’s clear that in whatever universe this takes place, being a fan of Spidey is NOT ok.

We don’t have any official confirmation about Miles being in the film, but, judging from the deleted video, it could be possible that it’s true. If this Miles is from another universe, it makes me wonder if he’s from Sam Rami’s Spider-Man or Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Overall, if this is true, then I’m super excited, but if it’s fake, then we can only hope for a live-action Miles Morales.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse


Disney Moving Forward With ‘Deadpool 3’ & Has Found New Writers!

We finally got some news regarding Deadpool 3, and it’s great news! Disney is finally moving forward with Deadpool 3 and with new writers. The writers are the Molyneux sisters, Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin, who are known for the popular TV series Bob Burgers! Here’s what Deadline had to say: Writer meetings have been taking place over the … Continue reading Disney Moving Forward With ‘Deadpool 3’ & Has Found New Writers!


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