‘Batman: Three Jokers’ Issue Three Review!

The final issue of Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns released this week, and I’m mixed with how the series ended.

Let’s talk about what I like about this issue first. Bruce Wayne getting his closure with Joe Chill was good writing. I would have never expected that Bruce would ever forgive Chill for killing his parents. Another thing I loved about this issue is that we finally got confirmation about the origins of the Joker (the comedian). In this issue, it reveals that the Joker is the failed comedian from The Killing Joke, also his wife Jeannie never died and gave birth to their son! It felt good to finally have a definitive origin for the Joker.

Now, here’s how I feel about the issue, the conclusion wasn’t good. Other than the Joe Chill and the Joker origin, this series felt useless. Jason, in this issue, felt like he hasn’t progressed as a character, and him falling for Barbara was pointless. Barbara didn’t do much of anything in this issue either, which was is a shame. Also, I wanted so much more from Joker (the criminal), and I was so disappointed how he got killed off

I’ve waited for the BatmanThree Jokers storyline for a long time, and I’m disappointed how it ended. The series was just another Batman vs Joker storyline that didn’t go anywhere other than the final portion of issue three. What’s crazy is that BatmanThree Jokers was coming out during Batman: Joker War, which did more for the Bat-Family and Joker than this series did. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first two issues, but reading issue three showed me that we didn’t need this series at all and could’ve just added the story to the current run of Batman. I recommend picking up the series for a fun read, but only if it’s on sale.

6 out of 10

‘Batman: Three Jokers’ – 7.5 out of 10


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