Marvel Will Be Releasing ‘Alien’ Comics in March 2021!

Marvel has announced that we will be getting Alien stories in March! The writer for the upcoming series will be Phillip Kennedy Johnson and the art by Salvador Larroca.

From Marvel, here is what we can expect from the new series:

ALIEN #1 will be a thrilling addition to the incredible legacy that began with the groundbreaking 1979 film. Featuring both new and classic characters from Earth and beyond, this bold take on the Alien mythology will entertain both longtime fans and newcomers to the legendary horror/science-fiction saga.

The new story will feature a Weyland-Yutani mercenary named Gabriel Cruz as he battles a deadly new breed of xenomorph with the survival of his child hanging in the balance. No stranger to infusing horror with the classic Marvel storytelling, Phillip Kennedy Johnson most recently shocked readers in the terrifying MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION series.

I’m excited about the upcoming Alien series from Marvel. Phillip Kennedy Johnson is a great choice, in my opinion, and I love his works like The Last God, Low Road West, and Last Sons of America. I also enjoy Salvador Larroca’s art, and she’s done a lot of art for Marvel’s Star Wars and X-Men titles. I will definitely check out Alien when it drops and see where it goes.


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