‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ Review

Scott Snyder’s Dark Knights: Death Metal has finally come to an end, and I got to say, I was not disappointed. Death Metal is one of the best events DC has ever done. The event started and ended strong, even the tie-ins are great, which was incredibly satisfying!

The story always left me wanting for more! The heroes struggling to save the multiverse from The Batman Who Laughs, characters getting redeemed, development, and so much more. Snyder has gone all out writing this event, and I got to say this is one of his best works. Also, Greg Capullo’s art in this event was fantastic, the man never disappoints.

Death Metal had so many moments that I love a lot, and one of those moments was the return of Superboy-Prime. Superboy-Prime is one of my favorite DC characters, and I’ve been waiting for a return for a long time. Not only did we get a badass return for Prime, but also character development and redemption, which I smiled hard every time I saw him in a panel. Also, his tie-in ending showed that he’ll end up being the hero he always wanted to be, and I hope we get to see him one last time to see his progress. 

Another thing I love about the event is that Wonder Woman was the star of the show. From beginning to end, Wonder Woman was such a badass, especially in issue 7 when she was fighting The Batman Who Laughs throughout the multiverse. I’m a fan of Wonder Woman, and I got to say, Snyder knocked it out of the park writing her in this event. I can’t wait to see Diana’s return and see what she has been up to since the ending of Death Metal

The ending was was something I expected, but also surprised. New earths created, characters that were dead are now alive, no Darkseid presence, the multiverse turning into the omniverse, both path and present stories merging, etc. The thing that also blew my mind is that the heroes we’ve followed for so long are not in the center of the multiverse anymore, and now there are two planets in the center we don’t know about, and I cannot wait to see what those two earths are. Also, I hope now with all this that has happened in Death Metal, will have consistent storytelling because Rebirth started out strong and then just went all over the place, which put me off from reading many DC stories. 

I got nothing but praise for this event, as you can tell. For me to enjoy both main issues and tie-ins for Death Metal is an incredible feat because there have been many events that I enjoyed where I was disappointed by tie-ins. If you have been holding off from the event until it has ended or contemplating to read it, then I recommend you do it right away

Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and the rest of the team at DC who worked on this event, I applaud you. I’m definitely a happy comic fan after reading Death Metal.

10 0ut of 10


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One thought on “‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ Review

  1. I’ve had kind of mixed feelings about it.

    I loved the first Metal, and it was part of what got me following new comics again.
    Biggest problem I’ve had with Death Metal is that after two years of every title in the line being tied into Snyder’s megastory, with the Year of the Villain, the Batman Who Laughs mini that was spun into Batman/Superman, and the how those impacted the main Bat-Books, and then Hell Arisen where it seemed like it was all going to culminate… it feels like it’s an Elseworld story that’s out of continuity. The first Metal touched all the major books [the Gotham Resistance tie-in arc was probably the best part of the whole thing], while Death Metal has been kind of in its own little pocket.

    Both Death Metal and Joker War were spun out of Hell Arisen, but there’s been no real overlap beyond that point, and with the future of the DC Universe mapped out now through March, Joker War feels like the event that “mattered.”

    It shouldn’t matter, I know, but Death Metal kind of feels like the culmination of a shaggy dog.

    Metal permeated everything DC has been doing for years, and the editorial shift right around the time Death Metal was starting has made it seem like it wasn’t going to matter, so it’s been hard to maintain the same level of excitement for this as for the first one.

    I think if I’d read this in trade all in one go, I’d have enjoyed it better than having followed a bunch of DC stuff over the last few years and wait for it to trickle out.

    Still, the art in these books have been phenomenal, and it’s not like I regretted following this.

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