‘Batman: Soul of the Dragon’ Spoiler-Free Review!

Batman: Soul of the Dragon ( directed by Sam Liu and written by Jeremy Adams) is the new DC animated film, and I must say, I was not disappointed at all. Batman: Soul of the Dragon takes place in the 1970s. The story is about Batman (David Giuntoli), Lady Shiva (Kelly Hu), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), and Richard Dragon (Mark Dacascos) trying to stop a villain named Jeffrey Burr (Josh Keaton) from releasing the serpent god Nāga from his home world.

The film was action-packed! I really enjoyed the way the film animated the fights because it put a smile on my face. The animation looked good too, especially since I’m a fan of Bruce Timm’s type of art style. Also, the soundtrack was fun to listen to throughout the film to give you that 70s vibe.

I loved the characters in the film. I thought since this was a Batman film, he would overshadow the rest of the characters, and I’m so happy I was wrong. All the characters in this movie were able to shine, especially Richard Dragon. My favorite character in this was Ben Turner, aka Bronze Tiger. The cast did a solid job portraying these characters, so kudos to them. If there’s a sequel or if one of the characters gets a solo film, then I’m 100% up for it.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is fun and action-packed. I didn’t have high expectations for the film originally, but it’s not one of my favorite DC animated films. If there’s one thing I would have liked it if the film was a bit longer, but that’s only because I was enjoying it a lot. Again, I do hope we get a sequel because I feel like that’ll be a missed opportunity.

9 out of 10


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