‘Level Up!’ – Highlights From Sideshow Celebrating Video Game Collectibles

Sideshow recently did an event celebrating video game collectibles, and the event was called “Level Up!” We got highlights from the event showcasing the amazing collectibles.

Here’s are figures from Marvel Games:

– From the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales spinoff game, an entire army’s worth of Hot Toys’ highly detailed 1:6 scale figures and prototypes inspired by the heroes’ incredible, interchangeable costumes were on display, including the futuristic Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit, the guitar-slinging Spider-Punk Suit, the Anti-Ock Suit designed to combat Dr. Otto Octavius, and the ever-popular Classic Suit. – Hot Toys’ Miles Morales was featured in his standard black and red Spider-Man Suit, the technological 2020 Suit, and the ever-popular Bodega Cat suit, which of course includes the Spider-Cat accessory. – The Venompool 1:3 Scale Statue by PCS, based on the smash hit character from Marvel Contest of Champions, was also on display and showcased the unholy union of Deadpool and Venom.
– The Spider-Man Negative Suit Statue from Marvel’s Spider-Man also made an appearance, grappling with the monstrous demon-form Mister Negative in 1:3 scale.

Here’s one featuring Akuma from Street Fighter:

– From PCS, just a fraction of their extensive Street Fighter collectibles roster were on display, including the great demon Akuma made an appearance in mixed media, 1:4 scale format celebrating the 10th anniversary of PCS’s earliest Street Fighter releases.
– Both the Akuma 10 Year and Akuma 10 Year Ultimate statues stood proud alongside the Cammy 1:3 Scale Statue, faithfully detailed based on her Super Street Fighter 2 debut.

Check out the collectibles from the Batman: Arkham games:

– Hot Toys also gave fans a glimpse of the grim and gritty world of the Batman Arkham games with the Batman Beyond Sixth Scale Figure and the upcoming Nightwing Sixth Scale Figure, each outfitted with a more tactial, sleek version of their traditional comic book looks.

Look at this cool Poke Ball replica:

– For fans looking to catch ‘em all, the Poke Ball Premium Replica by The Wand Company was on display. This collectible is the world’s first officially licensed premium Pokemon prop replica with interactive light-up features.

You can get these figures and more over at Sideshow! Click here: Video Game Collectibles

If you want to see more from the event, click here: Sideshow’s Level Up! Week blog


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