‘The Suicide Squad’ Review – James Gunn Is Too Damn Good!

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If you’re reading this James Gunn…holy fucking shit man! I haven’t loved a film like this in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of great films have released this year so far, but The Suicide Squad is just built different. Let’s just jump into the review, and obliviously no spoilers because I love y’all.

The Suicide Squad is about Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) creating a new Suicide Squad and sending them on a search and destroy mission, which might be bigger and insane than what the new squad expected.

James Gunn knows how to write a great story, especially comic book films because he’s a fan himself, so you can tell a lot of love went into this movie. From beginning to end I just had a big smile on my face and I even got invested into all the characters. If you would’ve told me I would like Polka-Dot Man in 2021 I would’ve said you’re bullshitting me. Yeah, when it comes to the current live-action DC films, to me this is the best written story by far.

Man, all the actors were just killing it. Idris Elba just continues to prove that he can kill any role regardless of the film, he was so amazing as Bloodsport! And let me give John Cena his flowers as Peacemaker because Gunn really brought the best out of him, and as someone who seen a lot of his films, this is his best role. I instantly was hooked to Daniela Melchior’s Ratcatcher and I would like to see more of her in other DC films, definitely a new fan of Melchior now. And, with Margot Robbie, she is Harley Quinn the same RDJ is Iron Man. Lastly, Viola Davis plays Amanda Waller a little too well…is she Amanda Waller playing Viola Davis in real life and we’re being played right in front of our eyes?! Jokes aside, Davis is just fantastic.

Everyone just really surprised how they killed their roles. From big roles to minor roles, everyone did their thing and I got to give a round of applause to the actors/actresses.

I really enjoyed the music choices in this film. You can tell that Gunn has great taste. Each song had a purpose and wasn’t just thrown into a scene just for the hell of it. I mean you’ve seen what Gunn did with GotG right?! So it shouldn’t be a surprise that The Suicide Squad music hit.

Also, the costume designs and practical effects were great! Even Starro looked badass. Definitely appreciate a film that isn’t too heavy on CGI because everything just looked good in The Suicide Squad. Shoutout to the team behind it!

There you go, my spoiler-free thoughts on the film. I want to see more of these characters and I want Gunn’s hands on a lot of DC films. When someone respects, loves, and is a fan of the source material then this is the outcome we get, a great fucking film.

The Suicide Squad is the breath of fresh air the DC live-action films needed, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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