Remastered ‘Superman: The Animated Series’ Coming On Blu-Ray

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Now this news made me smile because to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, WBHE has announced that Superman: The Animated Series will be released fully-remastered on Blu-ray!!!

The Blu-ray set will come with all 54 episodes (all enhanced visually & sound), new featurette titled “Superman: Timeless Icon,” a video commentary episode and three selected episodes with audio commentaries from the showrunners!

Check out the box art:

To me, right next to Donner’s Superman, this show is perfect Superman storytelling. The Superman: The Animated Series introduced me to so many DC characters that I will follow and love as an adult, when I read my comics or regular novels I hear Tim Daly, when I think of the perfect Lois Lane I think of Dana Delany’s performance, and even the damn theme song is timeless! I love this show so much and it’s awesome that it’s getting a Blu-ray release!

Superman: The Animated Series Blu-ray set will release on October 12th!

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