Don’t Let Critics & Filmmakers Tell You How To Watch Films

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The last couple of months we’ve been getting bad takes from critics, filmmakers, and movie snobs about how to watch a movie. Without naming any names, saying that a movie has to be seen in theaters or that it’s not a real movie if it’s on tv is the stupidest things I’ve been hearing and reading lately. This kind of thought process has happened again after critics saw Dune at the Venice film festival where they said “The only way to watch Dune is on the big screen,” and like who gives a fuck?


I love going to movie theaters, and I’ve been going since I was like 3 or younger, but why are they trying to force their snobby opinions down people throats? We’re in a middle of a pandemic and people are just not comfortable not going back when you can possibly contact the virus. Streaming is the perfect opportunity to watch new films safely in the comfort of their homes. I mean sure the studios has been screwing people over money regarding streaming, but that’s when negotiation comes in, which I hope they’re currently doing for future films, especially after the backlash and lawsuits studios are dealing with.

Also, what the hell is a “real movie”? A lot of people become fans of films because of reruns playing on tv. I saw the OG Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Back to the Future on tv, so are those not real movies ? Sometimes the things that come out of their mouths are ridiculous, plus we saw what happened to a film like Tenet during the pandemic when certain people thought it was going to save cinema.


The only time I would recommend going to theaters if you truly feel like you’re safe and take precautions, but if you don’t have to go then don’t. With these blockbuster films, don’t let anyone tell you how to watch a film or what’s considered a real movie. Hell, after reading people thoughts on Dune and how to watch it, I don’t even care about the film anymore.

This is just my opinion, but screw anyone trying to force people to go to theaters and give dumb takes because y’all sound ridiculous.

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