‘Life is Strange: True Colors’ Review – The Best In The Franchise!


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As I type this review, just know I’m already having withdrawals because that’s how much I enjoyed Life is Strange True Colors! From the storytelling, strong character writing, visuals, and music, this is easily by far the best game in the franchise. Let’s get started with this spoiler-free review for the game so I can talk about how much I loved it.


Life is Strange: True Colors the fifth installment in the franchise and the third mainline title developed by Deck Nine. The story is about an Asian American woman named Alex Chen, and after eight years in Oregon’s foster care system, she reunited with her big brother Gabe in a small town named Haven Springs. While Alex tries to get a fresh start in her life, she’ll realize that the town she’s in has some dark secrets. Will Alex be able to solve a dark mystery that the town is hiding and who can she trust to be by her side?

I’ve played every Life is Strange game since the first game back in 2015, and I can tell you that this is easily my favorite story that Deck Nine has done. Everything felt natural during character interactions and the story flowed so well. Also, I loved how I felt connected with all the characters in the game, no one felt useless. Even the game’s twists had me lose it!

Alex Chen is just a fantastic main character! There were times in the game where I related to her and sometimes felt personally attacked. I just really cared about the character, and I didn’t expect that at all before playing the game, so I big props.

This game is just fantastically written and I honestly want more already, but let me not be greedy.


I was a fan of the gameplay! Alex’s powers to detect, feel, manipulate, and absorb emotions was a lot cooler than I thought. At first I didn’t fully understand how her powers would be utilized, but it was nicely done.

Just like the other games, the decisions you make matters and that was a wild time. I had hard times trying to choose how the story plays out than I did in previous games in the series. And without saying spoilers, the final part in chapter 5 did not go the way I expected it to go that’s for sure.

The movements and whatnot is obviously better as well. I just enjoy seeing and feeling a noticeable difference each game I’ve played, including Tell Me Why. It just gets better and better from here.

I did had some problems with the game. A few frame rate issues, some t-posing, sometimes audio disappear, etc. The issues wasn’t too heavy, so it didn’t ruin the experience.


Deck Nine has definitely improved their graphics that’s for sure. The sceneries in the game looks incredible, especially when you’re on the roof of the Black Lantern. Also, the facial models are amazing! Little things like movements in the eyes, gestures, mouth, and more were noticeable, which the team did a great job.

Just like previous games, the music choices were awesome. Also, I loved the parts when Alex was singing as well, which was done by mxmtoon. The game has a solid score, which I enjoyed.


Last but not least is how incredible the cast was in this game! Erika Mori really sold me on Alex because her delivery was on point! Stephanie Gingrich, who’s played Katy Bentz, was amazing as well. Also, speaking of Erika and Katy, they’re chemistry was so good! Han Soto as Gabe Chen was great and I loved all the scenes he was in. Stephen Fuller Austin as Jed, Exzinia Scott as Charlotte, Eric Emery as Ryan, Dwight Braswell as Mac, basically everyone has done a good job!

In my opinion, this game has the best voice performances than the other LiS games.


I’m just surprised and happy how good Life is Strange: True Colors is! Deck Nine has improved a lot, and I can ‘t wait to see what they’ll do next. The game is definitely in my top 5 in 2021 for sure, and as a loyal fan, I’m satisfied.

You definitely need to pick up this game! And, you can even play this without worrying about previous titles, but I promise you that this game will make you play all the other games for sure.

Ok enough of the review, my ass is going back to replay the game!

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