‘Tokyo Revengers’ Review – I Wanna Join The Tokyo Manji Gang Too!


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Man, Tokyo Revengers was one hell of an anime wasn’t it? Good animation, awesome fight choreography, and a story that took me for a wild ride. So without further ado, here’s a spoiler-free review for Tokyo Revengers!


LIDENFILMS’ Tokyo Revengers, based on Ken Wakui’s manga, follows Takemichi Hanagaki who really had nothing going for him in life. One day he find’s out that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, was killed by the Tokyo Maji Gang, who a group of criminals causing trouble for years. After a freak accident, Takemichi was sent back in time when he was younger, which leads to him having a goal to make sure Hinata doesn’t die in the future.

I discovered Tokyo Revengers because I just wanted something to watch so I didn’t know what to expect, but I was blown away! The story from the jump was good and it gets progressively better each episode. A lot of the characters were written amazing as well, which made me attached to them, even the cry baby hero Takemichi. I’m so happy that this show didn’t went a generic Isekai kind of route, so I appreciate that.

No wonder Tokyo Revengers gets so much praise for it’s storytelling because the hype is real. Go even try to buy the manga, I dare you, because it’s going to be a damn challenge.


My other favorite thing about Tokyo Revengers was the action! When I was watching the series, I was not expecting the fighting to be so good. One of my favorite scenes was Draken fighting Hanma, Baji whooping ass, any time Mikey is kicking people’s face, etc. A lot of the action is hard hitting both big and small, which you can feel it. The fact you can see and feel the impact when watching Tokyo Revengers is genius, which I got to give props to the sound director of the show, Satoki Lida.

Who would’ve thought that a bunch of schools kids with no powers at all would have one of the most badass action scenes in anime in 2021!?


The animation was solid as well. There are times where some of the animation in Tokyo Revengers look a bit rough, but when the team at LIDENFILMS wants to give us something pretty, then they give us that and more. Even the way the characters are drawn and seeing there emotions, even during intense scene, is amazing. Definitely good stuff.

The voice cast for the Tokyo Revengers were great. Yūki Shin was going crazy voicing Takemichi in a lot of the scenes, especially when things get dark. Masaaki Mizunaka to me was the one I was attached to the most when he voiced Keisuke Baji because it was badass. Mikey played by Yū Hayashi was great too, especially when he can perfectly portray the character both playful and incredibly serious. Overall, everyone kills it in the show, but those are my top voices for sure.

Lastly, I’m enjoy the score in the show, which was composed by Hiroaki Tsutsumi. The intro slaps hard and the outros. A lot of the music in the show is very easy to remember even if you watch an episode even once. I wonder what the show will sound like for season two.


Tokyo Revengers is really that good. I’m already craving for more Tokyo Revengers content, and at first I was planning on waiting for season two but at that finale…yeah I’m not waiting so manga here I come. I’m so happy I discovered this show because I’m a fan for life now.

Go watch Tokyo Revengers, go read Tokyo Revengers, go breathe Tokyo Revengers, and go eat Tokyo Revengers…don’t ask me how but I’m sure you can figure it out.


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