‘What If…?’ Review – A Fun Series With A Few Bumps

A review for Marvel Studios’ first attempt at an animated series.


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Season one of the Marvel Studios animated series What If…? has ended, and it was definitely an experience. For Marvel Studios first dabble into animated storytelling, it was pretty good, but did have a few bumps that didn’t land for me in some episodes. Without further ado, here’s my review for Marvel Studios’ What If…?, also some spoilers just an FYI.


Marvel Studios’ What If…? is an animated series where The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) tells stories of events throughout the multiverse. What If Peggy Carter becomes Captain America? How about Ultron getting the infinity stones? And more. The possibilities are endless in this new series, and with some crossovers along the way.

I enjoyed a lot of the scenarios played out in the show, especially episode four titled What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?. Also, loved the idea of The Watcher telling the stories of other universes and how he gets closer each episode. Some episodes are stronger than others that’s for sure, but as a whole it’s fine.

One of my problems with the show was some of the jokes because it felt forced. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to characters joking in the MCU for years now but it wasn’t working for me. For example, in the finale you would’ve thought it would be a bit more serious since Ultron is a threat to the multiverse, but no. The same problem I had with episode five as well which was the zombie episode. For season two I just hope they take it down a bit depending on what the episodes are because you don’t need jokes all the time.

Also, it felt off when The Watcher recruited Gamora (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams) since the episode was removed and moved to season two. When I watched the finale I was like “Huh?”. I believe the episode was pushed because of the pandemic, but I wouldn’t mind if they delayed the series a bit longer to add it in because now I wonder how it’ll be cohesive with the second season.

Overall, the story was good. Is it perfect? No, but for a first attempt it’s fine.


When it comes to the animation, I thought the studio did one hell of a job. I loved a lot of the action and visuals. The last two episodes looked fantastic, episode four was stunning, etc. If this is what we got for season one then I’m ready to see what they’ll do for season two.

I think the only time the series looked off is the killing. It looked weird when people get shot or whatever and there’s no blood at all. I’m not asking for blood bath, but some light blood is ok, hell, the series is TV-14 so you would’ve thought it’s have some blood. That’s just a nitpick.

Again, Marvel Studios did a great job with the animation so smart move for expanding the animation division.


I’m mixed when it comes to the voicing in the series. Some actors from the MCU who returned sounded great and then there’s some that made me went “Maybe you should’ve replaced them too.” I definitely want to give props to Chris Hemsworth, Hayley Atwell, and Benedict Cumberbatch for their performances. Also, I loved Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa in the series, which was hitting my heart strings.

A lot of voice actors casted in the show did awesome as well. Josh Keaton as Steve Rogers was killer and Mick Wingert as Tony Stark was spot on. There’s so many actors I want to praise but all I will say is I was impressed.


What If…? is a fun watch and showed that Marvel Studios has a lot of potential for other animated projects. I do have some problems with the series, and hope that it improves in the second season. Overall, it’s a cool series that anyone can jump in and enjoy it for what it is.

If you have Disney+, I recommend watching the series, especially if you watched all of the MCU films because the references are a nice cherry on top.


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