Milestone Animated Film In Development!


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I’m finally going to talk about my favorite announcement during DC FanDome! During the event, it has been announced that we will be getting an animated Milestone film!

Here are some details about the film from DC Comics:


 Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment are working on a Milestone animated movie based on a screenplay by Hardware Season One writer Brandon Thomas. 

“This has been the thing that Milestone fans have been dreaming about for a long time, and we’re happy to give it to you, finally,” said Cowan.  He also assured fans that this feature would be about “more than one character,” hinting that this will include a host of fan-favorite Milestone characters.

Also, check out the promo poster:


I had a huge smile when this was announced (and more which I’ll cover throughout the week). Milestone Comics has always been a huge part of my childhood, so to see us getting the content we deserve is just incredible. The current comics are great too, and I got nothing but praise for Static, Icon & Rocket, and Hardware (expect a full review when the runs are complete).

Yeah, this news is just incredible and this is the calm before the storm because I know it’s going to be bigger from here.


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