‘Y: The Last Man’ Review – Someone Pick Up Season Two!


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Y: The Last Man is in my top 5 series in 2021! Oh…didn’t mean to say that so early in the review since I still got to write it out, but holy hell what a great show it was. The cinematography, the acting from the cast, the storytelling, it just had it all. Let me just jump into this spoiler-free review now before I continue to praise it in the first paragraph.


Y: The Last Man is based on the comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. The show takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after one huge cataclysmic event has killed every mammal that has a Y chromosome, except one man and his pet monkey. Also, the show follows the survivors and gives us different perspectives on how they’re going about in the new world.

I enjoyed the tv series adaption to Y: The Last Man! The comics was already great, so I’m happy that I feel the same love I did while watching the show. The series is dark, compelling, and with light-hearted moments. Every time an episode ended I went “No way it just ended now?! I need more.” Each episode was strong and with no fluff.

I got to hand it to the team behind the show because it was that good. There’s definitely no complaints from me regarding the story.


The cast for this show deserves all their flowers. In each scene, I swear they were acting their asses off. I was just so impressed with everyone’s performances.

I need to give special praises as well. Ashley Romans was just one complete badass as Agent 355, hell there were scenes that made me go “Oh yeah, go kill them 355!!!” Marin Ireland as Nora Brady was so good. In each episode you see Nora slowly to break, and Marin Ireland sold it. A lot of the actors did amazing but those two were just on another level.

Not one person gave a weak performance, in my opinion. Everyone bounced off each other well, and continued to give us something great each time.


The cinematography was done incredibly well! When watching the series, you can see how well done the camera work is in the show. From wide shots, close-up shots, and action scenes, everything just looked great.

Also, definitely a fan of the score composing of the show. There are scenes that the score just enhances your emotions when watching the show. Just a superb job overall.


Yeah, Y: The Last Man is that good. The show deserves so much love and appreciation! I’m going to need a studio to pick up the series because that finale left me wanting for more. I don’t know what else I can say other than this is for sure one of the best series of the year.

Definitely give Y: The Last Man a watch! I promise you that you will not be disappointed.


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