New ‘Mass Effect’ Poster Teases Greatness!


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On N7 day, which is a day to celebrate all things Mass Effect, fans were treated with a brand new teaser poster for the upcoming installment. I can confirm that I’ve stared at this poster really hard too for hidden details.

Here’s the full poster:


I’ll be honest…I can’t couldn’t figure out anything. The only thing I’ve noticed is that Urdnot Wrex is in the poster for sure and maybe a dead Geth. Regardless, I’m super happy.

Also, and I feel like this needs to be said, put Jack in the game. If my Shepard is coming back, I need Jack to know my boy is alive and they can be married with kids. If I can get that, then this is the best Mass Effect game by default, not up for debate. On a serious not, MASS EFFECT IS BACK BABY!

Last thing, take a look at the teaser trailer:



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