Marvel Releases Trailer For ‘Avengers Forever’!


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Marvel has released a new trailer for Avengers Forever #1! The new Avenger series will be written by Jason Aaron and art by Aaron Kuder, which is set to release December 22nd .

Here’s a synopsis of Avengers Forever:


It begins with a quest for cosmic vengeance. Ghost Rider finds himself roaring through the wasteland on a ruined Earth, where the great age of heroes never came to be, where hope is a four-letter word and where his only ally in the coming battle against the greatest villains any universe has ever seen is the world’s most wanted archaeologist, Tony Stark…the Invincible Ant-Man.

Now check out the trailer for the first issue of the new series:


I’m a simple man, if I see multiverse content then it’s an instant buy. Jason Aaron’s storytelling is always amazing, so whatever he’s planning I know it’s going to rock Marvel for the next few years. I’m getting excited thinking about what to expect from Avengers Forever.



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