‘One Piece’ Episode 1000 Premieres Saturday!


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One Piece fans, the time is almost upon us because the 1000th episode will be releasing this Saturday, which is the 20th of November!

This Saturday, Funimation and Crunchyroll will premiere the 1000th episode, Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hats Come Together!, at 9:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm PST.


That’s not all! On Saturday, Funimation and Toei Animation will have a live stream event to celebrate the1000th episode of One Piece! The event, hosted by RogersBase, will show episodes 998-999 before the new episode and fans will learn how to make Luffy’s favorite food “Meat on the Bone.” The stream will start at 7:15 pm ET / 4:15 pm PT!

If you want to join the event then click here: Funimation’s YouTube / Toei Animation’s YouTube / One Piece on Facebook

Here’s a teaser for One Piece‘s 1000th episode:


Here’s a synopsis for One Piece:


Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, this is one captain who’ll never drop anchor until he’s claimed the greatest treasure on Earth—the Legendary One Piece!



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