‘Stone Ocean: Part 1’ Review – Easily The Best JoJo Season By Far!


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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is back with its 6th arc in the series, Stone Ocean, and I can’t stress enough how much I loved it. The show just did everything right such as music, pacing, and animation. As a fan of JoJo, this series is the complete package.


Stone Ocean, based on Hirohiko Araki manga, follows the story of Jotaro Kujo’s daugter, Jolyne Cujoh. Jolyne has been sentenced to Dolphin Street Prison in Florida for 15 years after a freak car accident and was framed for murder. After receiving a mysterious pendent from her father, Jolyne awakens a mysterious power that’s been inside her. Many crazy events occur within the prison and it’s up to Jolyne to use her new powers and escape before it’s too late.

The anime did the story justice. Not one episode felt like fluff, and the pacing was just amazing. I finished part 1 of the series in one day because I could not get enough of it. As a manga reader, I was just incredibly impressed because it could’ve been rushed and they didn’t. For 12 episodes, the anime gets the job done! My only nitpick is the wrong translations when saying names like Weather Report is Weather Forecast or Foo Fighters is F.F, etc.

If they knocked it out the park with part 1 then part 2 is something I’m really looking forward.


Just like the other arcs of JoJo, the animation for Stone Ocean is top-notched. The action looks great and the characters are animated good. Even some of the CGI wasn’t an eyesore, so that’s a plus because CGI in anime is a hit or big miss. Also, loved the use of colors in this arc as well.

The music was a banger! I didn’t skip the intro or outro once when I watched the series. You get some of the older scores and awesome new ones as well. It’s JoJo, so is it that surprising that the music slaps?

I have a feeling that part 2 is going to go even further regarding the animation and score, so cross your fingers.


Since the show was 12 episodes, I decided to watch it both subbed and dubbed. Look, I’ve never watched the series in English but the cast did an amazing job!

Starting off with Jolyne Cujoh, she’s my favorite in the Joestar lineage so my expectations were incredibly high. Both Fairouz Ai (JAP) and Kira Buckland (ENG) made be really happy with their performances. Easily the highlight for me in show for sure.

Ermes Costello is voiced by Mutsumi Tamura (JAP) and Tiana Camacho (ENG). I enjoyed their performance of Ermes because to be honest that’s how I heard her voice when reading the manga. Solid job for sure.

Mariya Ise (JAP) and Brittany Lauda (ENG) voiced the wacky Foo Fighters and I was satisfied. I always wondered how Foo Fighters would sound in the anime. Kudos to voices.

Last but no least, the man who basically broke my brain as a JoJo reader, Emilio Pucci. Pucci was voiced by Tomokazu Seki (JAP) and YongYea (ENG), and they killed it. I was already familiar with Tomokazu Seki since he’s in a lot of anime I’ve watched, so I knew he would give an A-1 performance. I’ve followed YongYea on YouTube for a couple of years now and seeing his amazing performance as Pucci in one of my favorite franchises is just cool to see, I’m proud of him.

Overall, just a solid cast all-round and great performances from everyone in Stone Ocean.


Stone Ocean just does what it needs to do. And to be honest, this is my favorite arc animated by far…until Steel Ball Run gets adapted. The wait was worth it and I’m ready for part 2 of the series.

Go and watch Stone Ocean and go watch all of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Oh and read the series as well because Hirohiko Araki has been writing this incredible series since the 80s. Let me say this also, I don’t do score reviews anymore because it’s a flawed system, but Stone Ocean is a 10 out of 10.



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