‘Halo Infinite’ Review – The Most Halo We’ve Gotten In Years!


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I finally got the chance to finish 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite…what a hell of a game it was! I’ve been playing this series since 2001, and after 2 tries, 343 got it right. This game was just addicting, and as a Halo fan, this was hitting all the right buttons.


The UNSC forces was defeated by the Banished and took control of the Zeta Halo, which threatens all of humanity. When things are looking bleak, Master Chief (Steve Downes) returns to take on the most ruthless foe that he’s ever faced. It’s all up to Master Chief to take down this foe with two new companions, Weapon ( Jen Taylor) & Echo-216 (Nicolas Roye), and discover the secrets of Zeta Halo.

Halo Infinite was written incredibly well. You can tell that the game was going back to its roots when it came to storytelling, and it worked. The characters were all done incredibly well, and I love the development of everyone in the game, especially Master Chief. I was wondering how this game connected to Halo 5, and it did a good job filling in the blanks.

When it came to the dialogue I was amazed. Every time Master Chief said something, even when it was small, it felt impactful. Escharum (Darin De Paul), Jiralhanae War Chief of the Banished, was so badass to me and loved every second of his performance. Basically, if there’s a character on screen you can expect great things, but that’s what happens when you have such an incredible cast.

Definitely one of the best written Halo stories I’ve played and 343 knocked it out the park.


You know what else was damn good? The gameplay! I’ve had so much fun with the gameplay in Halo Infinite, and I haven’t had this much fun since Halo 3! All the weapons, vehicles, equipment, and upgrades was awesome. The grapple shot is the best added equipment in the Halo franchise by far, and the things I’ve done with it was ridiculously badass.

The enemies were on a different level in this game. I do feel like they were a bit tougher for sure, especially the bosses, but I did played it on legendary so there’s that. Thinking on my feet and figuring things out while being chased by the enemies was a thrill…and with a few rages of course.

Also, Halo Infinite being a sandbox game was genius. I’m a sucker doing all the side stuff like taking over territories, killing enemies to get their weapons, etc. It was a time consumer but it was a heck of a time.

My only nitpick was that I wished the the story had co-op. Literally when the campaign dropped I contacted my friend and we both booted up the game, so when we realized that co-op wasn’t in the game I was disappointed. 343 said they’ll be adding the feature in the game so I’ll be waiting.

The gameplay in Halo Infinite just works and I’m excited to see things added on to it in the future.


The visuals for Halo Infinite was stunning! I’m not preaching that bullying works, but delaying the game was the best thing to happen. I played this on PC so seeing how detail things were like armor, characters, enemies, weapons, and landscapes was fantastic. Easily the best looking Halo so far.

Music was just beautiful. You know when they say “if it’s not broke don’t fix it?” That’s exactly what 343 realized as well. Bringing in older scores, and even adding something a bit new, just sits well with me. Even the menu made me have a huge smile. If there’s anything that is perfect about the game is the score for sure.


Halo Infinite was worth the wait for sure and one of my favorite games to release this year. Playing this made me feel like a kid again, so I commend 343 Industries for the love they’ve poured into the game.

If you’ve made it to the end of the review, yes you should play this game. Both old fans and new would love the hell out of Halo Infinite . Halo is back baby!!!


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