‘Hawkeye’ Review – Clint Barton Gets The Love He Deserves!


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If there’s one thing Marvel Studios has done right with these Disney+ series is that it made me appreciate characters more. Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye is the final Marvel series of the year, and it ended with a bang. Also, this might be the strongest written Marvel series on Disney+.


Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and his family are in NYC to celebrate Christmas, but it was cut short when his past as Ronin starts to catch up to him. The series also introduces Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) and she’s trying to be the next best archer, but she’ll realize that being a hero isn’t as easy as it seems. Both Clint & Kate will team up to fight enemies from the past, while also introducing new ones.

This is the Hawkeye I’ve wanted for years! To me, Clint was always an afterthought in the MCU, but Hawkeye proved to me they were holding him back big time. If you’re a fan of Hawkeye’s comics, then this is a dream come true.

Kate Bishop is easily one of the best newcomers in the MCU, period. I was able to connect with the character literally right away. If Clint is retiring soon to be with his family, then Kate is a perfect replacement.

Hawkeye is solid storytelling and it wasn’t so over the top like the previous series. It was a nice change of pace and I can’t wait for a season 2.


I have to praise the cast, they were all incredible. This is Jeremy Renner’s best portrayal as Clint in the MCU. There was many times when I watched the show with my friends and I would say “Damn, Renner can fucking act his ass off!” This series has given this man justice, and I already want more of him.

Hailee Steinfeld’s charisma is like no other. This was her first introduction in the MCU and she already has the world in the palm of her hands?! That should tell you how fantastic of an actor she is, plus she’s in a lot of things I love so I’m not surprised by her performance.

Is Alaqua Cox the most badass women of the year? Yeah, I think so. Alaqua plays Maya Lopez aka Echo, and you can feel her presence every time she was on screen. I’m a new fan of her for sure and I’m excited to see what she can do in her solo series.

Loved both Tony Dalton’s and Vera Farmiga’s performances as well. Tony played Jack Duquesne, and he swerved me so good in the show that I ended up praising him the last episode. Vera has always been such an incredible actress, and adding her to the MCU was a genius move.

One last person I have to talk about is Vincent D’Onofrio as the Kingpin. If there’s anyone who is perfectly casted it’s Vincent. He just does the role so good that when you see him you just feel fear. It’s been a few years but it was like he hasn’t left.

The whole cast, even if not mentioned, all did a great job. No one really felt out of place, so I got to applaud that.


Visually, this was the cheapest looking series compared to the other Marvel shows. I mean is it bad? Not really, but it is noticeable. I will say that the cinematography did look amazing, especially during a lot of the action scenes, which Hawkeye will give you a lot of. Hopefully season 2 will get a bigger budget so it can look like a movie like the rest of the Marvel shows.

I liked the score in the show. I thought some of it was nice, but since it took place during Christmas, a lot of the music was holiday themed. The score worked for the show and it got the job done.


Hawkeye is just surprisingly really good. From start to finish you just get solid storytelling and amazing performances from the cast. And to be honest, this might be one of my favorite things to come out from Marvel Studios.

If you didn’t care about Clint Barton before, you will now. Go watch this series and have a fun time.



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