Mural Of Keaton’s Batman On The Set Of ‘Batgirl’!


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If you didn’t know, Michael Keaton’s Batman will be the main continuity Batman going forward in the DCEU, starting with The Flash and Batgirl. New images has surfaced online from the set of Batgirl, and in the images it features a mural of Keaton’s Batman in a new suit and Robin.

Here’s the image below:


Originally tweeted by Batgirl Film News 🦇 (@BatgirlFilm) on January 10, 2022.

I’m a fan of Keaton’s new suit and it’s exciting to see a Robin on the big screen again after so many years. Batgirl is definitely setting up to be one of my favorite DC films, and I can’t wait to see what Leslie Grace can do as Batgirl. The DCEU is looking like it’ll have a bright future.

Batgirl is set to release this year in 2022.


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