‘No Way Home’ Writers Explains Venom Plot hole!


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One of the big questions asked regarding Spider-Man: No Way Home is Tom Hardy’s Venom and how can he be in the MCU if he never met Spidey? Hardy’s Venom joined the MCU in Let There Be Carnage, but then kicked right out the moment Doctor Strange reversed the spell that was bringing in other Sony’s Marvel characters. One of the writers for No Way Home, Chris McKenna, explains the Venom plot hole in the film.

Here’s what Chris McKenna told Variety:


The idea is that the symbiote has knowledge of other universes. Buried in his brain is some knowledge of that connection.

The most important thing is this wasn’t just going to be a bunch of fan service. It wasn’t going to be just curtain calls for everybody. We had to figure out a way that this [movie] told the story of this Peter Parker right now, organically coming off of where we left the last movie. That was always our north star. Yeah, it’s a big fun idea. Let’s not forget Peter. You can’t get lost in the mix. It has to be his emotional journey.

And there you have it. Before Venom came to the MCU, the symbiote did mention the hive mind and knowledge of the universe, so it kind of makes sense. I guess they can go deep into it whenever the small piece of the symbiote goes to Tom Holland’s Spidey. At least we got an answer.



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