DC Announces ‘The Death of the Justice League’!


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 cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund

Welp, another year and another hero kicks the bucket or heroes. DC has announced The Death of the Justice League, and it will be written by  Joshua Williamson and art by Rafa Sandoval. The event will start with Justice League #75(48 pages long), and will release on April 19th.

Here’s the synopsis for The Death of the Justice League:


A new  Dark  Army  made  up  of  the  DCU’s  greatest  villains  has  formed  on  the  edges  of  the  Multiverse and the best and most powerful heroes are pulled together in an epic war to push the darkness back. In the end, the Justice League are killed by the Dark Army with only one survivor to warn the remaining heroes of Earth about what is coming for them!

I’m curious how the event plays out. If they “die,” I wonder how long the main members of the Justice League will be out for. As long as it’s done right and makes sense, then I’m all aboard. I’ll definitely will be reading The Death of the Justice League.

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