‘Pocus Hocus’ Returns To Kickstarter & Issue 3 Details!


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New details has been released for Pocus Hocus #3! The third issue published by Bad Bug Media is coming to Kickstarter, and it’ll pick up right after the second issue.

Pocus Hocus is written by Allen Dunford and Will Radford, illustrator Brian Balondo, colorist Jasen Smith and letter/graphic designer Dave Lentz.

Here’s some story details for the series and two new images:


A Faustian tale of dire proportions told with a comedic curve, Pocus Hocus stars a disillusioned magician who signs his soul over to a demon for true magician fame and fortune. Only problem is, he wants that soul back and it’s time to pay the piper!

Issue 3 of Pocus Hocus picks up immediately after the sophomore issue. This time Pocus Hocus and his assistant, Emily, venture into Hell to find the demon who has his soul and retrieve it.


Fans of other scintillatingly sinister series will be excited to find out that if you pledge to Pocus Hocus #3 and OGN Bear Skin (also out through Bad Bug Media), you will receive a Limited Free Ashcan copy of Ragnarawk (out later this year).

Pocus Hocus #3 drops on Kickstarter on January 25th. You can take a look and support by clicking here: Kickstarter



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