‘Sing a Bit of Harmony’ Review – I Want An AI Friend Too!


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Courtesy of Funimation, I had the chance to watch Sing a Bit of Harmony, and what a beautifully well made movie it was! I knew from the start that this film was going to be good from the trailers and with Yasuhiro Yoshiura involved, but it was way better than I was anticipating. Sing a Bit of Harmony is a complete package of a film and deserves all the praise it gets.


Sing a Bit of Harmony is written and directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura. One day a girl named Shion (Megan Shipman) transfers to Keibu High School and became instantly popular because of how beautiful she looked, charming personality, and incredible athletic ability, but it turns out she was an AI! Shion is in her testing phase, and her goal is to help Satomi (Risa Mei) find happiness and with the use of her singing. Also, without hesitation, Shion helps other students as well with their problems such as Satomi’s childhood friend Toma (Jordan Dash Cruz), the popular Gotchan (Ian Sinclair), the strong-willed Aya (Alexis Tipton), and judo club member Thunder (Kamen Casey). As they all become friends with Shion, they’ll soon realize that things are going to get messy being involved with an AI.

This movie really moved me. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but I was wrong. From start to finish, I had a smile on my face. I loved how the film utilized music to help push the story forward, it worked fantastically. Also, I thought all the characters were written good too, plus my favorite character is Thunder.

Sing a Bit of Harmony might be Yasuhiro Yoshiura‘s best film. I’m a fan of his previous works like Patema Inverted and Pale Cocoon, but Sing a Bit of Harmony is just so good. Plus, even the next day after seeing it, I was still thinking about the movie.


The film’s cast were great. I watched the film dubbed, and I think the English cast did a fine job. Whenever I get the chance to watch the film again, I’ll watch it subbed.

In Sing a Bit of Harmony, the highlights for me were Megan Shipman as Shion and Risa Mei as Satomi. Megan’s portrayal as Shion shined and she was killing it, and the same for Risa as Satomi. I loved their interactions in the film together, definitely amazing chemistry.

Jordan Dash Cruz as Toma was great too. I enjoyed his balance to make Toma act all nerdy, but when things go down, then he’s serious. Ian Sinclair as Gotchan and Alexis Tipton as Aya also complimented each other. When I think about Gotchan, I instantly think about Aya right after. Such a lovely performance from both. Kamen Casey as Thunder is a 10 out of 10. His singing voice alone had me cracking up, and other scenes as well.

Sing a Bit of Harmony had an all-around solid casting. And if there’s a sequel, which I would like, I would be happy for the English cast to return.


Incredible animation in Sing a Bit of Harmony. The film is just so vibrant and colorful, and it left me an awe. J.C.Staff did a fantastic job with the animation production for the movie for sure. My favorite is a scene involving Shion, Satomi, and the rest of their friends, it was a gorgeous scene, you’ll know when you see it.

The character designs and the look of the overall film were just so good. Also, I can’t forget about the choreography! A lot of the movements, and many other scenes were done well, especially when it was a music number.

Speaking of music, amazing! Ryō Takahashi composed the film’s music, and he knocked it out of the park. Just a great score for Sing a Bit of Harmony, especially every time Shion starts to sing. Honestly, I was really impressed.


I can see why Sing a Bit of Harmony won and was nominated for many awards, the hype is real. It was a great experience watching the movie, and I can see it being one of my top films in 2022. Great music, cast, animation, and story, what more can you want in a film?

Sing a Bit of Harmony is a must watch! It’s available in select theaters now, but if you can’t go, it’s worth owning it for sure.


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