‘The Batman’ Review – The Perfect Batman Adaption I’ve Always Wanted!


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Wow!!! Yup, that’s how I’m starting my review for The Batman because holy hell what a movie. It did EVERYTHING I’ve always wanted in a live-action Batman film because it pulled a lot from the mythos that made me love the character. Before I dive into the review, easily one of the best comic book adaptations to exists by far.


The Batman is written and directed by Matt Reeves, and with Peter Craig as the co-writer. Batman (Robert Pattinson) is searching throughout Gotham City to find a sadistic killer who has been leaving trails of cryptic clues. As Batman continues to get evidence he’ll realize how it effects him in his personal life as Bruce Wayne. Batman must forge new relationships, find out who is the Riddler (Paul Dano), and bring justice to the ones who have been abusing their powers throughout Gotham.

The story was just incredible. The film pulls a lot of my favorite stories of Batman like The Long Halloween, Year One, Batman: The Animated Series, and I’ll say a splash of the Arkham game series. The film was almost three hours long, but it flew by with how invested I was into the story.

Also, the characters were written amazingly. From getting into the psychology of Bruce Wayne/Batman, who’s Selina Kyle, why Riddler is going on a rampage throughout Gotham, and more! Even Gotham City felt like a character, which I thought was done well.

Back to Batman, the film gets his character right! We finally got how great of a detective he is, how fresh Bruce is wearing the mantle, why is he putting on the suit, what are his morals, basically the film gives you everything you need to know who he is. When there’s a sequel they can jump right into a more experience version of the character, and that’s going to be exciting to see.

Man, the film’s writing is just that good. I’m someone who’s tired of seeing Batman constantly used in media, but if I get stuff like this, then give me more.


The moment the film announced the cast, I knew right away that they’re going give us a hell of a performance. The main cast of The Batman is incredible and I can see why they want more from this universe. Well, time to give the cast their flowers.

Robert Pattinson is Batman/Bruce Wayne, and this movie solidified it. Pattinson’s performance took this character to the next level. I’ve been following his indie career for a long time, and when he was announced as Batman, he had my full on support and he did not let me down one bit.

Zoë Kravitz is perfect casting as Selina Kyle. The way she acted and her mannerisms is straight-out from the comics. I want more of Kravitz, hell, give me a spin-off story of her because theirs a lot of rich storytelling to to go off just from this film alone. Easily my favorite live-adaption of the character.

Paul Dano as Riddler was intense! I kind of knew where the film was going to go with the character, but not to this extent. Dano was unhinged, and I loved it. When people see his performance, they’ll be in awe. Just so good.

I loved Colin Farrell as Penguin. I now understand why he is getting a spin-off series because Farrell did an amazing job, and he even made me laugh a couple of times. I didn’t know I would enjoy his performance this much.

Jeffery Wright was such a good casting as James Gordon. Wright was pretty much in as many scenes as Pattinson, and he just complimented well with him. Again, good casting.

Andy Serkis played a good Alfred! We’ve had a lot of live-action Alfreds, but he definitely became my favorite. His chemistry with Pattison just worked so well, but it’s not surprising with how great of an actor he is.

The cast is huge for The Batman, and I think everyone did so good, even down to the thugs. Kudos to the casting team because y’all nailed it.


The cinematography for this movie is out of this world. The long shots, the action, when Batman/Bruce is walking and how people is blurred around him when he’s focused, close ups, parallels, etc. Greig Fraser is a damn gem, and his camera work is genius.

I loved the costume designs and aesthetic for this film. If you played the Arkham games, you can tell they were inspired by some of the designs, and it works. From the the city and down to the people, it’s a good blend of both new and old when it comes to familiarity.

Oh man, the music is beautiful. Michael Giacchino really scored a touchdown because from start to end, the music was phenomenal. It felt like I was hearing a bit of Danny Elfman in this film, because it sounded it took a bit of inspiration of Batman: The Animated Series. I would definitely listen to the soundtrack on my own time for sure.

Overall, The Batman is just well produced, even the sound production is insane. I think this film set the bar this year when it comes to production, and to me, it’s my favorite thing about the movie.


As you can see, the review is very positive, and you know why? It’s a perfect film. I have no nitpiks, no flaws to point out, literally nothing comes to mind that I think was bad. The Batman will go down in history as one of the best comic book films ever, and I’ll die on this hill. Matt Reeves has never disappointed me then and he still hasn’t now, one of the best directors of our generation.

Go watch The Batman, it’s a must. I’m going to see this film a few times in the theater before it gets a home release.



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