‘Rayna: The Bastard Queen’ Review – I’m Already Hooked To Read More!


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I had the opportunity to read the first issue of Rayna: The Bastard Queen, and man was I invested! The issue was only 24 pages, but it got the job done leaving me wanting more. Overall, I was really impressed.

Rayna: The Bastard Queen is written by Ryan Cummins. It follows the story of an orphan named Rayna who has incredible magic. Rayna is trying to find the coven who who attacked her village at a young age, and she will do anything to get her revenge.

The story is very metal. Rayna is such a badass, and you can tell there’s a lot deep layers for the character. When reading the series, it gave me a Red Sonja and Conan the Barbarian, which is a plus in my book.

The art and coloring in Rayna: The Bastard Queen is great! Stan Yak is the illustrator and Dennis Lehmann colorist, and their partnership blended so well. What stood out to me was when Rayna was on the full page before fighting a demon, and the action. Everything just looks so good!

Rayna: The Bastard Queen has the potential to be something great! It’s easy to pick up, great to look at, and will leave you satisfied. This issue is a strong start, and I highly recommend any comic book reader to pick it up.

You can support Rayna: The Bastard Queen by clicking here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skeletalpress-comics/rayna-the-bastard-queen-1


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