‘Turning Red’ Review – This Film Deserves So Much Love!


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Wow oh wow, what an incredible film Turning Red was! The film was wholesome, funny, realistic, and a heck of a time. Easily, one of the best Pixar films I’ve seen by far.


Turning Red, directed by  Domee Shi, is a coming of age story that follows a 13 year old girl named Mei (Rosalie Chiang). Mei is torn between by being loyal to her mother or dabble with some chaos with her friends. Her overbearing mother, Ming (Sandra Oh), is never far from her daughter, which can be a problem for a teenage girl. If you think that’s all, Mei will turn into a giant red panda if her emotions get heightened. Mei will learn and truly find out what it means to do things for her own interests, whether people around her like it or not.

I love how incredibly well written the story is! Being a teenager who doesn’t want to disappoint their parents but wants to do things with their friends is hard, and I feel like this film knocked it out the park. Also, using the panda as Mei’s developing emotions and say what she truly feel is a nice touch. Oh, and the balance of the serious and comedy tone of this film is just next level.

The characters were written great as well. I enjoyed how conflicted Mei was trying to understand what she truly wanted to do, the interactions with her friends, how generational trauma can have a lasting effect, and more. No one never felt out of place and played a role, whether big or small.

The team behind the story of Turning Red are just amazing. Honestly, I would be down to watch more content from this film’s universe. Easily, one of Pixar’s best and strongest written films ever.


The cast were great in Turning Red. I didn’t know I would like the cast this much when watching the film. Everyone’s performance were solid.

Rosalie Chiang plays Meilin “Mei” Lee, and she was just amazing. Main character or not, Rosalie stole the show for me as Mei. Sandra Oh as Ming Lee was great too! Sandra’s performance as Ming made me go “Hell, I’ll be afraid to go against her too.” Also, when together, Rosalie and Ming were just magic.

Ava Morse as Miriam, Hyein Park as Abby, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Priya are a fun bunch. These three actors complimented each other well, and I love their performances with Rosalie. Also, Orion Lee as Jin Lee worked well too. He doesn’t say much, but when he does, it matters and lands well.

I liked the main cast a lot, and the casting choices were genius. No one disappointed, especially the many actors involved with Turning Red!


The animation in this film was fantastic! Everything in this film is just so detailed from the characters, environments, expressions, it blows my mind. Pixar continues to set the bar higher and higher with every film they’ve made, and when it comes to CGI animation, this is Disney’s best looking film currently. It’s a damn shame that this wasn’t in theaters in IMAX, which the film was made for, because it looked incredibly well made.

The character designs for the movie was definitely a good idea. I’ve seen people debate regarding how the characters looks in the movie, but I’m on the side of the characters looked good. Pixar usually have the same formula when making human characters for films, and this one stands out the most in a good way.

What a good score Turning Red has, am I right? Ludwig Göransson just always kills it when it comes to music in media. The music compliments the film so well, and it’s enjoyable to hear throughout.


Turning Red truly is a film that when it’s all said and done, people will realize how special it is. I watched the film twice, and loved it even more the second time. Again, it’s such a shame that this film was just released on Disney+ when so many other films from the company didn’t get that same treatment. The film is that good, and deserves all the love and praise it gets.

I highly recommend Turning Red! The fact there’s no critique for the film should tell you a lot.



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