Critics Hates Sony’s ‘Morbius’!


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You know, I expected Morbius to be bad, but not to this extent. Many critics have seen the film already and it seems like everyone hates this movie (unless there’s a positive review, but I haven’t seen anything).

Read some of the reviews for Morbius below:


The film is just another vampire movie rather than an origins Marvel story. With a predictable plot, inconsistent beats, flat dialogue and bland characters, Morbius is a huge letdown. The post credits feel like a sloppy afterthought. –

I know that the fans will spend their time and money to see the latest Spidey-verse version entry and more power to them. But, for everyone else without that fandom fervor, why bother? – Reeling Reviews

There’s nothing in “Morbius” that couldn’t have been better summed up in a two-minute trailer. – Detroit News

More like Bore-bius, amirite? The action scenes are poorly staged and the special effects are awful. Plus, it spends much too much time on the origin story somehow without ever making us connect to the title character. – Movie Mom

Morbius is a perfunctory, sloppy, paint-by-numbers attempt to remind audiences that Sony has the rights to these Spider-Man villains and by golly they’re going to use them. – Nerdist

Morbius is a fellow tortured by a self-inflicted curse, but his anguish is nothing compared to the pain this terrible movie inflicts on the audience. – One Guy’s Opinion

Morbius is what happens when a studio applies a horror filter to an average comic book picture. The filter may shade the original image differently, but its an unconvincing effect. – Deep Focus Review

At one point Morbius warns, Im getting hungry. You wouldnt like me when Im hungry. My good doctor, we dont like you now! And nothing that occurs before the credits roll changes that. – Den of Geek

It’s one of those films like ‘Jonah Hex’ or ‘The Phantom,’ something pop culture will occasionally reference in ten or 20 years and we’ll all think ‘Oh, that’s right. They made a movie out of that!’ – Looper

Lacking in style, spirit, scares, and suspense, this would-be thriller is a toothless and tedious chore. – Mashable

Damn, if this is what Sony has to offer trying to push their SPUMC (Sony’s Spider-Man Universe), then I don’t want it. It’s really showing that without the help of Marvel Studios, Sony’s live-action Marvel films are rough. Sony can’t keep pushing “From the studio that brought you No Way Home,” and give fans a below mid film. I know people want The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but be careful what you wish for.

I haven’t see Morbius yet, and I always watch films/tv with an open mind, but when you have even the director spoiling the whole film before the release date tells me a lot.



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