First Look Unboxing Of Hot Toys’ Batman From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’!


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Just ahead of its worldwide release, Sideshow’s newest FIRST LOOK VIDEO gives fans an up-close look at the new DX Series Batman: The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys.

 After years of hiding, Bruce Wayne is forced to overcome his past when a ruthless mercenary takes control of the underworld, and threatens Gotham City. With the help of the mysterious Catwoman and his butler Alfred, Bruce must don the cape and cowl once again to protect the citizens of Gotham from their greatest enemy yet. 

Check out Sideshow’s FIRST UNBOXING VIDEO to get an up-close look at this eagerly anticipated figure and its accessories.

Add the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 Scale Figure to your Batcave today! Coming soon via Sideshow!



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