New BTS Logo Statue Revealed By Sideshow!


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Sideshow’s newest officially licensed BTS Collectible is inspired by California’s star-studded city.

Joining Sideshow’s expanding lineup of officially licensed BTS logo statues, the Premium BTS Logo: Los Angeles Edition is a 7” tall collectible statue that takes the form of the iconic BTS logo— visualized as a stylized doorway opening outward to possibility — while featuring a wealth of warm and vibrant images that represent the city of Los Angeles.

On one half of the Premium BTS Logo: Los Angeles Edition, light peach-colored script spells out “Los Angeles” as a white airplane flies overhead, outlined by a clear blue sky. Framing the Pacific Ocean, sun-drenched palm trees open skyward toward the San Gabriel Mountains. The silhouettes of buildings, sparkling with camera flashes that glow like diamonds, are illuminated by radiant searchlights in a picturesque design that celebrates stardom and style. 

The ARMY symbol is incorporated into the reverse of the BTS logo statue, bringing together past and present in a single elegant design. This side of the Premium BTS Logo: Los Angeles Edition also features images of the Pacific Wheel as well as the Route 66 Santa Monica road sign.

Shine through the city with RMJinSUGAj-hopeJiminV, and Jung Kook, and pre-order the Premium BTS Logo: Los Angeles Edition by Sideshow.  

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