‘Ranking of Kings’ Review – One Of The Greatest Anime Of All Time!


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It’s not fair to other anime when a series like Ranking of Kings exist! The series’ storytelling and characters are just written fantastically, also the animation is just incredible. Last year I didn’t write a review because I wanted the season to finish, but I’m certain that this is the best anime of 2022, and one of the greatest anime of all time.

Ranking of Kings, based on Sōsuke Tōka’s manga series, is a story that follows the young prince Boji who is deaf, have no power, and lacking in sword-wielding combat. Boji is the next heir to the throne after his father passed away, and he has high hopes for his future. After finding his best friend in Kage, who is a shadow, Boji goes off on an adventure to become the greatest king the world has ever seen.

I’ll be really honest, Ranking of Kings is probably the only show to make me close to crying many times. The show’s story from beginning to end was just so spectacular, and as someone who has been watching anime for majority of my life, I’ve never been so attached to a story and characters this much. It should be illegal to write a series this good.

Boji as a protagonist is just genius writing all around. Even when the odds were against him, he just keeps pushing forward. Also, the characters around him had great stories as well because whether good or bad their stories connected with Bojim, and it works. Speaking of characters, everyone played an important role and didn’t felt left out. For a series that is 23 episodes long, it got the job done.

If Ranking of Kings would’ve to end with this season, then the finale of is perfect. I don’t know when season 2 is coming out but I’m looking forward to watching it, and I’ll be reading the manga as well.

The cast was great for both English and Japanese. I felt like no matter what language I’ve watched the series, it just always sounded great. If you decide to watch the series, I promise you that you wouldn’t be disappointed from either version. I usually take the time to talk about each individual cast but the line-up is so big that I don’t think it’ll be fair to leave anyone out.

I really loved the animation in this show. Everyone is drawn unique and the environments, no matter where the story took place, was just incredible. If you didn’t know, Wit Studio is behind the series, the studio that gave us the first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan. Also, the use of colors was just beautiful. The action in Ranking of Kings isn’t heavy, but when you do get it, it’s badass!

When it comes to the music in Ranking of Kings, it’s top-notched. Mayuko is the composer for the series, and she killed it. Also, the series has two intros and outros, both bangers.

Ranking of Kings is just perfect. Everything about the show is so good to the point I found it not fair for other anime that comes out this year. I just love everything about this series and it’s in my top 3 anime of all time now, yup, I’m that serious about the series.

This is more than a recommendation, you HAVE TO watch Ranking of Kings. If the first two episode doesn’t make you feel things…it’s time to get some help.

If you want a score: A+, 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, 100%, S Rank



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