Sony Decided To Announce A El Muerto Film


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Have you seen that meme on the internet where Moon Knight goes “Random Bullshit go”? That’s exactly what Sony seems to be doing with their Spider-Man IP.

During CinemaCon, Sony announced many films and sequels, and the one that caught everyone’s attention is the announcement of El Muerto, which Bad Bunny will be starring.

Here’s what Deadline reported:

Looking to continue to expand and diversify its universe of Marvel characters, Sony has announced a El Muerto movie is in development with Latin Grammy winner and platinum-selling recording artist Bad Bunny attached to star. The news came out of Cinemacon during Sony’s panel where Bad Bunny made a surprise appearance.

Though El Muerto isn’t as popular as Venom or Kraven the Hunter, Sony’s rush to get this film into development had a lot to do with Bad Bunny’s persistence in finding that right superhero property for himself. The superstar is set to make his major studio debut in the highly-anticipated action pic Bullet Train on July 29, a project Sony is very high on and has already led to Aaron Taylor-Johnson landing the lead role in Kraven the Hunter. The same situation looks to have happened with Bad Bunny with execs extremely high on the final Bad Bunny footage from the film.

I think Bad Bunny deserved better than this. I mean sure he requested the role, but this isn’t it. Would it make money? Of course it will be cause Bad Bunny is a superstar. I just hope the film is good, but Sony’s track record with their Marvel films isn’t good.



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