‘The Northman’ Review – Robert Eggers Has Done It Again!


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Did you know I had a different review title for The Northman? It was going to be called “Big meaty men battling out for revenge”. I felt like I should mention that…now enjoy reading my spoiler-free review.

How dare Robert Eggers deliver another damn good film that is The Northman! I was so immersed with this movie, and I did not know what to expect. At first I was going in for just a bloody killing spree revenge film, but I got something even better than that, which caught me by surprise. The Northman just does everything right on what makes a great compelling film, and I don’t know how other films will compete with it throughout out 2022.

The Northman follows a young Prince Amleth who is on the verge of adulthood, but then his father gets murdered in front of his eyes by his uncle. The uncle has not only took over the land, but also took Amleth’s mother too. After being gone for two decades, Amleth is a Viking who raids villages. After meeting with a seeress, Amleth is reminded of his promise which is to save his mother, kill his uncle, and avenge his father.

The storytelling for this film is fantastic. Robert Eggers has took the concept of a simple revenge plot and just added so many amazing layers. With the way the film was marketed I was expecting a testosterone fueled film with nothing but battles, and I’m happy that I got tricked. I was just so sucked into the film that I was honestly in awe. And the use of Norse mythology in this movie is on another level.

Also, the way characters are written in the film are great. The characters and intimate moments is what really drives the film, especially Amleth. I was so invested into Amleth to the point that I almost cried toward the end of the movie, which is crazy.

To me, The Northman is just perfect storytelling and a work of art.

The Northman’s cast is just A-1!

Alexander Skarsgård as Almeth is incredible! His acting was impeccable and the range of his emotions he expresses with just his face alone was great. Also, this man’s traps are fucking insane! Having Alexander Skarsgård being the main lead is perfect.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Olga, and what can I say that hasn’t been said? Her track record shows that no matter what role, she just goes all out. I loved the chemistry between Anya Taylor-Joy and Alexander Skarsgård.

I was not expecting for Nicole Kidman to play a major role in this film. She plays Queen Gudrún, and she was so damn good. Nicole Kidman was definitely one of my favorite parts of the film.

Claes Bang plays Fjölnir The Brotherless, which is the uncle. Cales played the role so good that I was looking forward to see him get killed until I realized it’s a lot more complexed than that. Claes was just overall fantastic playing the antagonist.

Other cast members of the films were good as well. Since this is a character driven film, I didn’t feel like no one was underutilized no matter how big or small their role was in the film.

The cinematography for this film is unfair with how great it is. From the battles, scenery, close ups, long shots, this film has it all. The film doesn’t have a lot of insane action but when it does, oh man, you’re in for a treat with how well done it looks. The Northman is a very well shot film.

I thought the costumes and designs in The Northman was done nicely. I was so used to see Vikings and Norse mythology being shown in media the same way for years, and this film made it refreshing. Everything in the film looked great.

The Northman’s score sounded so good. I watched the film in Dolby, so the sound of the film was beautiful. The music helped push the film as well as the characters because a lot of the intense moments doesn’t have dialogue just the score. Wonderfully well done.

Robert Eggers is continuing to show that he’s one of the best directors of this generation and has created his own lane for himself. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve watched The Northman, and I’ve been thinking about it constantly. This might be the last time I’ll say this, but The Northman is my favorite film of 2022.

This film isn’t for everyone, but in my opinion, I think everyone should watch The Northman.



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