Jon Watts Will Not Direct Marvel Studios’ ‘Fantastic Four’!


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Well, now this is surprising news. Jon Watts, the man to bring us the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, has exit the upcoming Fantastic Four film from Marvel Studios.

Here’s what Deadline reported:

Jon Watts has withdrawn as the director of Fantastic Four, the reinvention of the venerable Marvel Comics series at Marvel Studios and Disney. Watts just directed Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios film that grossed $1.89 billion to become the sixth highest grossing film of all-time. Nothing sinister here; Watts just needs a break from the superhero realm after completing the Spidey trilogy with Tom Holland and Zendaya. He had expected to make Fantastic Four his next film, the third feature iteration of that franchise and first since Disney acquired Fox, which controlled the franchise. Watts has spent the better part of the last decade directing and promoting the Spider-Man films, after being hired off Cop Car, a small budget indie thriller that premiered at 2015 Sundance. He needs a breather.

If Jon Watts wants to take a break, it is much deserved. He has made one of the best trilogies in comic book film history. No one comes to mind on who would take over Fantastic Four, but I just hope the bad movie curse for FF will end one day.



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