Sideshow & Hot Toys Reveals Amazing ‘Star Wars’ Collectibles!


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This May 4th, Sideshow and Hot Toys have unveiled several new and exciting collectibles inspired by their love of Star Wars™ . Find out more below…


In Attack of the Clones™, the protocol droid C-3PO™ left for Geonosis™ with Anakin Skywalker™ and R2-D2™, where he had a bit of a misadventure … accidentally swapping heads with a battle droid! C-3PO found he was “quite beside himself,” literally on the wrong side of the first battle of the Clone Wars™.

The all-new 1/6 scale C-3PO collectible figure is skillfully crafted in diecast material and features LED light-up eyes, a blaster, an interchangeable battle droid head, and more!

The C-3PO 1/6 Scale Figure is available to pre-order now, via Sideshow.

R2-D2 is a loyal and dependable astromech droid who has bravely served both Padmé Amidala™ and Anakin Skywalker. A skilled starship mechanic and fighter pilot’s assistant, he has an unlikely but enduring friendship with the fussy protocol droid C-3PO.

Hot Toys has unveiled a highly detailed R2-D2 collectible figure, featuring a diecast metal dome and a movie-accurate body as well as several articulated panels and a retractable robotic leg. Accessories include R2’s rocket thrusters, a tether cable, and a wide selection of attachable mechanical arms and tools.

The R2-D2 1/6 Scale Figure is available to pre-order now, via Sideshow.

At the time of their introduction, the Republic clone troopers™  represented the future of galactic warfare. Far superior to Battle Droids, the clone troopers formed the backbone of the Republic’s new military.

The 1/6 Scale Clone Trooper Figure features an incredibly detailed helmet and armor, two styles of blaster rifles, an interchangeable Phase 2 clone trooper helmet, an attachable backpack, and more!

The Clone Trooper 1/6 Scale Figure is available to pre-order now, via Sideshow.

During the Republic era, specially trained clone troopers™were selected to fly a variety of ships for the clone army. In the battle of Geonosis, these Clone Pilots flew Republic Attack Gunships to support the Jedi™ in their fight with the Separatists. 

Hot Toys’ new 1/6 Scale Clone Pilot Collectible Figure features interchangeable pilot helmets, highly detailed and weathered armor, two blasters, a pair of binoculars, thermal detonators, and more!

The Clone Pilot 1/6 Scale Figure is available to pre-order now, via Sideshow.

Rather than use flesh-and-blood warriors, the Separatists prefer mindlessly loyal soldiers that are easily controlled. The soulless ranks of their armies are dominated by tall, thin B1 Battle Droids built as mechanical imitations of their Geonosian™ designers.

The Battle Droid Figure is inspired by the droid’s appearance in the arena battle on Geonosis. It features a newly developed mechanical structure with an exceptional range of articulation for posing and display. The droid’s accessories include a blaster rifle, a pair of binoculars, and an interchangeable C-3PO head!

The Battle Droid 1/6 Scale Figure is available to pre-order now, via Sideshow


Sideshow has partnered with the legendary team at Legacy Effects to create a new life-sized collectible for fans of The Mandalorian™ — an epic 1:1 scale bust that captures the stoic presence of the bounty hunter Din Djarin™ like never before! 

The Mandalorian – Din Djarin Life-Size Bust is available to pre-order now, via Sideshow.


The latest designer collectible by Sideshow’s celebrated designer toy initiative Unruly Industries and award-winning artist Jesse Hernandez is an eye-catching reimagining of Darth Vader’s™ iconic armor, with Hernandez’s Maya infused art style. 

Urban Aztec goes galactic with the Darth Vader Designer Collectible Bust, blending Imperial aesthetics to unleash a Force like never before. 

Available to pre-order now, via Sideshow.


With Star Wars Celebration coming soon, expect to see more exciting new collectibles on display at Sideshow’s booth (#2719).

Star Wars Celebration takes place May 26-29, 2022, at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Whether you are attending the show in person or joining in the festivities from home, Sideshow has you covered!

Sideshow will be combining a physical booth at the convention with multiple online events. They will be showcasing new products as well as fan favorite statues and figures, offering multiple convention exclusives from SideshowHot Toys, and New Zealand Mint (among others), running epic contests, special giveaways, and much more!

Find out more HERE.



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