Sideshow Announces New Distribution Deal WIth Queen Studios!


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May 2022, Pop culture collectibles giants Sideshow have announced a new distribution deal with Queen Studios, a creative team renowned for their hyper-realistic 3D sculptures.

Queen Studios has made a significant impact on the collecting scene since their debut in 2018, making exceptionally detailed and highly realistic recreations of fan-favorite super heroes and villains. 

This will be the very first time that collectors can find select Queen Studios collectibles via Sideshow, giving customers the ability to earn Sideshow rewards on their purchases. Collectors will also have access to Sideshow’s industry-leading customer support team, and flexible payment plans to better suit their collecting budget.

Those who miss out on securing these highly sought after and limited edition pieces can also use Sideshow’s Waitlist Reservation feature

Queen Studios Marvel 1:1 Busts

Presented in 1:1 (life-size) scale, Queen Studios’ limited-edition busts bring the collector face to face with iconic characters from their favorite Marvel movies. 

The Pepper Potts (Rescue Suit) 1:1 Scale Bust 

The Carnage 1:1 Scale Bust 

The Iron Man Mark III 1:1 Scale Bust

The Iron Man Mark VII 1:1 Scale Bust

The Iron Man Mark VII 1:1 Scale Bust

Make mine Marvel! Collectors can now add these incredible Queen Studios pieces to their collection, available at Sideshow.



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