‘One Piece’ Manga Will Go On A One Month Break!

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This is another news that caught me by surprise! After chapter 1053, One Piece will be on a one month hiatus. Eiichiro Oda will be focusing on the 25th anniversary of the serialization, the upcoming One Piece Film Red, and will be going to Africa to supervise Netflix’s upcoming live-action series. Once the series returns, Oda will be focusing on final arc.

Here’s the announcement below:

And since I don’t speak or read Japanese, here’s someone who translated the messages:

One month without One Piece is going to be wild, but I’m used to manga chapters coming out once a month anyway. The Wano arc has been just incredible, and probably my favorite arc so far. I’m curious how chapter 1053 will end because I know it’ll be something that’ll blow our minds until the series returns.



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