First Look Unboxing Of Hot Toys’ Vision!

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Just ahead of the worldwide release, Sideshow’s newest UNBOXING VIDEO gives fans an up-close look at the Vision 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys.

The synthezoid called Vision is a truly unique being — created by combining the scientific prowess of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner with the strength and durability of a Vibranium body, plus the raw cosmic power of an Infinity Stone and finally a spark of life thanks to a bolt of mystic lightning from Thor himself!

Fans last saw Vision in the hit Marvel series, WandaVision — where he and his beloved Wanda Maximoff were living in the magically manipulated town of Westview. The two Avengers shared a time-hopping fabricated fantasy life of suburban bliss as grief-stricken Wanda used her supernatural abilities to escape a reality in which Vision perished at the hands of the Mad Titan, Thanos

This new 1/6 scale figure draws inspiration from Vision’s appearance in WandaVision. It features an ultra-realistic hand-painted head sculpt, a highly poseable body, a skillfully tailored screen-accurate outfit and cape, and multiple accessories allowing fans to recreate scenes from the show.

Check out the first unboxing video to get a closer look at the Vision 1/6 Scale Figure and its accessories.


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