‘Fruits Basket -prelude-‘ Review – An Emotional Ride!

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Thanks to Crunchyroll, I had the opportunity to watch Fruits Basket -prelude-! As someone who isn’t familiar with the series other than some references and images I’ve seen online, I actually enjoyed the film. Was the film perfect? No but it does have many good with some flaws.

Fruits Basket -prelude- is a film that brings the story of Fruits Basket into a full circle. Before the story of Tohru and Kyo, there was Katsuya and Kyoko who are Tohru’s parents. In the film, you get to discover Tohru’s mother’s dark past, and the man who gave hope for the better. This heartwarming love story completes Tohru Honda’s Fruits Basket story.

As mentioned before, I’m not too familiar with Fruits Basket but I’m a sucker for a good story. I really enjoyed how the film is written between Katsuya and Kyoko, which pulled some heart strings, and how it just ties back to where Fruits Basket is now. With how much I liked the film, I’m definitely will be giving the anime a shot since Fruits Basket -prelude- sold me.

The nitpick I have with the film regarding the writing was how the film starts off. To me, the beginning of the film fell flat, but once we get into Katsuya and Kyoko’s story that’s when the film picks up. That’s my only con regarding the writing.

When I watched Fruits Basket -prelude-, I only watched it subbed so I can’t give my opinions regarding the English cast until I watch it a second time. With that being said, I enjoyed the the Japanese cast for the film.

Miyuki Sawashiro did a an amazing job as Kyoko Honda! Her performance was really good and she killed it towards the end of the film. Miyuki knocked it out the park. Speaking of knocking it out the park, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Katsuya Honda was my favorite in the movie. I can see why Kyoko fell for Katsuya because his voice is like butter.

Manaka Iwami did a fine job as Tohru Honda. I love the enthusiasm I hear in her performance as the character. Kyo Soma, played by YĆ«ma Uchida, did a solid job voicing the character too! As someone who’s first introduction to the series was this film, I’m looking forward to hearing their work throughout the anime.

Regarding the animation for the film, I thought it was just alright. At times it looked like a regular anime episode than when a studio upgrades the budget to release as a film. Also, there are times where the animation quality did drop and looked stiff. But, I will give the film credit for whenever they did have important or impactful scenes it looked good.

The score in Fruits Basket -prelude- was solid throughout. From the sad to heartwarming moments, it just worked. This is one of the film’s highlights for sure.

Fruits Basket -prelude- was an emotionally fun time, and I think fans of Fruits Basket would enjoy it. I know after watching the film, I’ll be watching the anime series to understand the complete story and characters. Overall, Fruits Basket -prelude- has me hooked.

I recommend watching Fruits Basket -prelude-! The film will be in select movie theaters in the United States and Canada on June 25, 28, and 29, subtitled and dubbed in English. Also, it’ll debut in the United Kingdom, dubbed only, on July 20.


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