Patton Oswalt Confirms ‘Eternals 2’!

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Now this is news that has made me ascend and become one with the universe like no other. Patton Oswalt, who voices Pip in Eternals, has confirmed that a sequel is happening on the Today Show.

Originally tweeted by Ricardo C – Imperius Comic News (@RCImperius) on August 3, 2022.

I do think Kevin Feige was going to save the announcement for D23, but who cares?! BREAK OUT THE EXPENSIVE BOTTLES BECAUSE THE ETERNALS HYPE TRAIN WILL NEVER END!!!

Loved the first film, and is one of my top comic book films of all time. Chloé Zhao’a vision is amazing, so I know this sequel will go above and beyond. Yeah, very exciting news for me and other fans of the Eternals.



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