‘Prey’ Review – The Curse Is Finally Broken!

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I can’t believe that after like 5 bad Predator films (yes I’ve included Alien vs. Predator films as well) we FINALLY got a fantastic Predator film, Prey! This film just does everything right for me, and it’s a complete package on what makes a great film. Yup, it’s that good that I had to praise it in the first paragraph, but enjoy the rest of my review below.

Prey follows a young Comanche warrior, Naru, who is trying to protect her tribe from an alien hunter who hunts humans as a sport, the Predator. Not only Naru is tested from not only fighting the Predator, but she also has to deal with the dangers of the wilderness and colonizers as well. Naru will prove to her tribe she has what it takes to be a great warrior.

The story was pretty much a coming of age film, but it was written incredibly. Naru and the Predator is who the film focuses on, and the film just made it work. Also, this film doesn’t have a lot of dialogue, the visuals and the actions of the characters is what pushes the story forward which works so well.

I was hooked from beginning to end with Prey, and having the film be short was a good choice because the film did what it needed to do and not drag. And as a long time Predator fan, the writing for this movie just makes me happy.

Prey doesn’t have have a cast heavy film, but I thought everyone did a good job when on screen. The two superstars of the film is Amber Midthunder as Naru and Dane DiLiegro as the Predator.

Dane DiLiegro doesn’t talk as Predator, but I got to give credit on how menacing his movements were in Prey. There was so much cool factor with how Predator was portrayed in the film. Kudos to Dane DiLiegro.

Amber Midthunder as Naru is just fantastic. Just everything about her in this movie is just badass! I hope Amber Midthunder gets a trilogy because she really killed this role, and easily one of the best played protagonist in the Predator franchise.

Man, the camera work in Prey is GORGEOUS. From how the film captures the scenery, the action, movements, just everything was shot so good. I was surprised this wasn’t put into theaters because Prey just looked incredible.

I was also a fan of the sound design, score, and visual effects of the film. The film doesn’t really uses a lot of CGI, but when it’s used like animals or certain scenes with the Predator, it was good. And with how the movie sounded, oh man, just eargasms.

Also, I feel like I need to say that the Predator’s design in Prey is in my top 3. In order it’s Predator, Prey, and The Predator. If there’s a statue of the Predator’s look in Prey, it’ll be an instant buy.

Prey is that good of a film, and I can’t even think about a flaw or anything that bothered me while watching the movie. I feel like anyone who has never watched a Predator film would easily love Prey. Hell, a lot of Predator fans would also agree that Prey is incredible. Prey is a masterfully done film from acting, story, visuals, and sound. My body is ready for more films, and after seeing the reception it has gotten, it’s definitely a no brainer.

I highly recommend watching Prey, especially since it’s officially in my top 5 of 2022! PREDATOR IS BACK BABY!!!



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