New Marvel ‘Monica Rambeau: Photon’ Limited Series

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Cover by: Lucas Werneck

Oh man, now this is something that caught my interest! Marvel has announced a new limited series for Monica Rambeau, which is called Monica Rambeau: Photon!

Here’s the details from Marvel:

This December, universal powerhouse Monica Rambeau will star in first-ever solo comic series! A five-issue limited series, MONICA RAMBEAU: PHOTON, will be written by award-winning author and scholar Eve L. Ewing and drawn by new Marvel talent, artist Michael Sta. Maria. The iconic Marvel super hero with four decades’ worth of amazing stories will at long last headline her own saga. 

From the New Orleans Harbor Patrol to the Avengers to the Ultimates, Monica Rambeau has been a leader and team player her entire life, but now she’ll face a reality-shattering crisis that she’ll have no choice but to take on single-handedly. In order to do so, Photon will need to reach new heights of her incredible abilities—and then surpass them!

In a revelatory journey spanning time and space, fan will behold Photon’s true potential. The adventure begins when Photon is charged with making a very special, very cosmic delivery. What should be light work (get it?) for Monica becomes increasingly complex and dangerous due to a threat from beyond and family drama.  

Monica Rambeau is one of my top characters in comics, so seeing her get some shine with a new series got me excited. Also, the team behind this limited series is solid, so this is a must buy for me! December can’t comes soon enough.

Monica Rambeau: Photon issue 1 will release on December 7th!



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